[Rosetta] How to perform mass deletion of translations?

Asked by Olivier Dony (Odoo)


Short story:
I uploaded the untranslated POT template file over a set of existing PO files, in an attempt to delete the corresponding translations from Rosetta, but it didn't work, and Rosetta failed to import them.
See for example:
at the bottom we have a few import of es_CL.po files, all in "Needs Review" status with "No import target selected yet" messages, even though I only modified files that Rosetta created, so I expected the import path to be wired.
The status page for the imports does not seem to give more info, for example: https://translations.launchpad.net/api/devel/+imports/5189223
How can we accomplish this? (Rosetta's interface does no seem to offer an option to manually reset a term to untranslated).

More context:
Inside OpenERP, we have implemented a fall-back mechanism for country-specific translations, which means that when some translations terms are untranslated in say "Spanish (Chile) (es_CL)", we do use the generic "Spanish (es)" translation instead automatically.
As a result, we tend to ask translators to only ever translate in country-specific languages the terms that are really different from the "canonical" ones (no pun intended ;-)). This makes the set of translations to maintain much smaller for all country-specific languages.
Recently, a new translation team was assigned for es_CL, and they were initially unaware of this system, so started uploading the current es.po files as es_CL.po, to avoid re-translating everything (as Launchpad doesn't seem to support the same concept of fall-back language we have).
Now we would like to cleanup this and remove this identical translations from es_CL, but we can't seem to find a way to do it, as the only option we could find was to force an import of PO files with no translations, and this failed (see above)

I hope this explanation makes sense..
Thanks a lot for you help!

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There is one way to set a message back to untranslated: tick the "Someone should review this translation" checkbox.

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About the es_CL uploads: Launchpad doesn't like to create translations for languages that aren't conventionally (where "convention" is admittedly vague) translated to. Spanish translators have often managed to keep the language unified.

You can force this by going to a template's still-empty translation for es_CL, and uploading es_CL.po from that page. The file should have the right path; you can give your upload the right path either by encapsulating it (with its parent directories) in a tarball; or you can have it imported from a bzr branch.

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