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Asked by Sauli Eloranta

I uploaded pot files for adempiere-localization project (https://launchpad.net/adempiere-localization/) and files status is needs review. I read that after first upload admin checks files manually. How long this usually takes? Am I impatient or do I have make something wrong with the project?

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Sauli Eloranta (sauli-eloranta) said :

Anyone could help me to get these files accepted?

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Данило Шеган (danilo) said :

I am quoting an email you should have received from Jeroen:


You are receiving this email because you uploaded translation files for
"Localization for ADempiere" (adempiere-localization).

Please do not register Launchpad projects for individual translations.
We cannot accept translations submitted in this way.

Instead, contact the upstream maintainers about joining their existing
translation efforts, or if there is none, help them set up translation
in Launchpad. This will give you better integration with the upstream
codebase, and prevent unnecessary duplication of work.

If the upstream project does not use Launchpad for translation, be sure
to note that doing so will *not* force them to use Launchpad for all
their translations. You will still be able to export your translations
in standard formats and submit them using their preferred procedure.

The process for starting translation in Launchpad is documented here:


Thank you,

Jeroen Vermeulen
Launchpad Translations team

Please respond to that email with further details.

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Christian Reis (kiko) said :

We could just rename adempiere-localization to adempiere, since it is the only related project registered. Would that help?

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Pietro Battiston (toobaz) said :

No, you should contact the upstream mantainer and try to convince him to do all translation in Launchpad. Then yes, "adempiere" would probably be the good name for the project.

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