set up ubuntu-l10n-miq translation team

Asked by Leandro Gómez on 2007-09-25


We'd like to have our team set up for translating Ubuntu into Miskito language [1].
The team's Launchpad id is:

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We will need to create your language first in Launchpad.

Taking a look to the wiki page you gave us, I see you are using iso-639-3 instead of iso-639-2. We require that you use iso-639-2 (when possible) so I wonder why did you choose iso-639-3 one.

Also, we will need to know the plural form information as explained at "Launchpad and GNU Gettext Plural Forms".

Finally, you will need to talk with the distro guys to create a locale information for this language, without it you will not be able to use translations at all. For this I suggest you contact with Martin Pitt ( and Danilo (

Leandro Gómez (leogg) said : #2


The iso-639-2 for Miskito is cai - Central American Indian (Other) and is a collective code for several languages. The individual code is the iso-639-3 miq.

On the other hand, doesn't exist???

I'll contact Martin and Danilo.


Leandro Gómez (leogg) said : #3

Ok, sorry... found it at:

The plural number in Miskito is indicated by a postpositive particle. Plural number is indicated in noun phrases by the particle nani placed after the noun or pronoun. Nani is optional with numerals.

I see, then yes, miq is the correct language code to use.

About that link, we are doing some changes and seems like we forgot to add a redirect from that URL to the new one at Sorry about that.

You have it created in Launchpad:

You can start translating for it, although is too late for Gutsy, so I would recommend to wait for Hardy or those translations in Gutsy will not be used at all.

Welcome to Ubuntu!

Leandro Gómez (leogg) said : #5

Thank you very much, Carlos!

Leandro Gómez (leogg) said : #6

Thanks Carlos Perelló Marín, that solved my question.

Please, could you extend your plural form explanation?

For instance, how do you translate:

0 items
1 item
2 items
3 items
10 items

You just need the ones that are different so we can construct the right formula.

Thank you

Leandro Gómez (leogg) said : #8

0 items = 0 item nani
1 item = 1 item
2 items = 2 item nani
3 items = 3 item nani
10 items = 10 item nani

Ok, thank you. I just noted that in Launchpad.

You can see all information we know about Miskito language at

Leandro Gómez (leogg) said : #10

¡Mil gracias, Carlos!

I've contacted Martin and Danilo and we'll see how to set up the rest that's required for the translation team to begin their work.



Leo: locale information is needed for making use of your translations in Ubuntu. You can already start translating in Launchpad. :)