Missing search function to find string to translate

Asked by Irios

Sometimes a bad translation pops up when using an application, and I would like to go to Launchpad Translations and fix it. However, once I get to the Translations page for that particular app, I have no way to find that particular string. There is no search string feature, or I have not seen it.

If all the messages were in a single page, at least I would be able to use the browser to find the string, but as it is I would have to sequentially page and search through tens or hundreds of pages until the desired string is found.

Good solution: Add a search string feature to Translations.
Simple interim solution: Add a "show all messages" option.

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Christian Reis (kiko) said :

This is a known bug and we have plans to fix it once the current performance enhancements are deployed; note that you can use google to search translations.launchpad.net, and it does support multiple languages -- have you given that a try?

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Noone (noone20130913-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

You can find translations with google with this search term:

"Browsing <Language> translations" "<the string you are searching for>" <ubuntu version nick name> site:translations.launchpad.net


"Browsing Danish translations" "Log out" Gutsy site:translations.launchpad.net

Unfortunately Google can take weeks to index a page, so the newer the ubuntu release, the smaller chance that you actually find your string.
One month after Gutsy's release a lot of Gutsy translation pages still are not indexed.

One small trick may be to omit the version nick name.
That could get you hits on older versions.
Go to an older version's page and change the URL's version nick name to the one you want.
Sometimes that gets you where you want to go.

Best regards


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Taavi S. (tuisu) said :

I second this. Search function would be really handy. Posted this just to show my interest in this.

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Fernando (ferempi) said :

It seems that Google erased all the pages from translations.launchpad.net

I searched but google responds with nothing.

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said :

It works for me: a Google search for a translated or translatable string with "site:translations.launchpad.net" added takes me exactly to the right translation page.

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Matthew Revell (matthew.revell) said :

Setting this answer as an FAQ for use in answer to similar questions.
FAQ #56: “Missing search function to find string to translate”.

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mati (mati-wroc) said :

Another "me too".

Is there any chance "current performance enhancements are deployed" in the near future?

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Adrien Cordonnier (adrien-cordonnier) said :

if "Browsing <Language> translations" is used, no result is given anymore (tested with Danish, French and Finnish). Some testings show that Google results do not include translation pages. Only pages such as "Translations by <person> in <language>" are returned.

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