I want other translations other than my existing one.

Asked by Navrang Oza on 2010-10-18

Hello team,

I want to translations for all languages for my project.
My project is on LP.


you can check for example, addons/openerp/po.


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Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #1

That's already the case. Any Launchpad user can help translate the project to any language. But every user sees only their own "preferred languages" in the languages list.

Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said : #2

No, Actually I have 3 languages translation available.
But I want to have all other languages translation.


Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #3

I see dozens of translated languages, even when logged in without any special privileges: https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject-client-web/trunk/

Perhaps you are looking at the source branch. That is a separate issue. Launchpad will not import translations from your branch, or write translations back to your branch, without your permission. You can configure synchronization between Launchpad Translations on the Translations page for trunk:


If you are the project's owner, you'll see a link "Set up branch synchronization" there.

Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said : #4


On this link, many languages are there.
And we have translations available for all these languages.
But now its not there with me.

So can LP provide me those translations back?
For example, language Vietnamese,

There are only 8 messages there right now.
Where are other messages ?
How can I get those back.

Actually it was there before but becoz of improper layout of synchronization of whatever, I lost all my translations.

I want to get them back.


Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #5

So if I understand you correctly, the question is not about the languages. It's about the translatable messages.

I think I see what happened: you put multiple templates into the same directory. Each template needs to be in its own directory, so that when a translation or template file is uploaded, Launchpad can see what template it belongs to. Since both template files that were uploaded were in the same directory, they got imported as the same template. One has overwritten the other. Also, the other templates probably can't be auto-approved because the current situation is unclear.

You should be able to edit the existing template in the Translations user interface and change their paths so that they are in separate directories. I see that there are also templates on the queue with the correct layout; if the template that's already in the Translations UI is really one of those, please set its path to be exactly the same as on the queue. That way, the template on the queue will also be approved automatically.

Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said : #6


I have imported my pot files.
Who will approve it?
The status is Needs Review.



Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said : #7

And please remove my old "openerp-web-trunk" template.


Navrang Oza (noz-tiny) said : #8

I have imported my pot files in import queue. but why it consider only 2 pot files which are on root directory (actually there is not any pot files on root).

Please check my import queue.


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