IDEA: Bug Annual Sum-Up for each pakage page ?

Asked by ybaruss

I suppose it would help analysis to have bug activity sum-up
(see: for instance).
for each Bug Home Page ?

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said :

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Gavin Panella (allenap) said :

Hi yabruss,

The graphs are indeed neat, but the core Launchpad Bugs team is
unlikely to have capacity to add this for a very long time, if

That it's possible for a third-party to do this makes it even less
likely, but it does also mean that you can help yourself if you wish;
the code for those graphs is probably available somewhere. If not, I
can put you in touch with their curator if you're not already.


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ybaruss (yabruss) said :

Hi Gavin Panella,

Thanks for your answer, I was supposing that brian from already have develop proper code to do that and that it would be easy to include it into each launchpad project page. If it is not the case, I am not sure to have enough time to get involved into Launchpad development (I don't even know what programming technology is used) as it might be a big refining factory ;o).
I suppose the best I can bring is proposing ideas and perhaps helping in community life and organization.

PS: If somebody can bring more technical details on how one can make Bug Graph on its own ... please put references there.

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Gavin Panella (allenap) said :

Hi ybaruss (spelled correctly this time),

Ideas and help with the community are always welcome :)

Taking Brian's work and incorporating into Launchpad is, unfortunately
(and I mean that), much more work than just putting it in there. We
aim for 100% test coverage in Launchpad so we might have to compose
some tests for that code, we might need to change the technologies
used - we use a somewhat esoteric collection of technologies in
Launchpad - and we would need to maintain the code for years to come
which comes with a price. We use 10s (maybe 100s) of different
external libraries in Launchpad so we're not inherently averse to
incorporating other's code, we just have more to think about when we


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ybaruss (yabruss) said :

I hope Launchpad a long and healthy life ;o)