Languages Spoken in Namibia

Asked by Siôn le Roux on 2010-09-28

The languages spoken in Namibia are currently not known on launchpad.

The official language in Namibia is English.

Recognised languages commonly spoken in Namibia are German and Afrikaans.

Languages not supported by launchpad include ethnic languages, the most notable of which is Oshiwambo.

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Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #1

Thank you for that information about languages in Namibia. I have updated the entry in our database accordingly.

If you wish for a language to be added to our database, please follow the instructions in this FAQ:
FAQ #23: “How do I create a new language for translation?”.

Siôn le Roux (sinisterstuf) said : #2

Thanks for the link. I'll see if I can get some people together who speak the language at my university to make a team to start translating into that language.

Siôn le Roux (sinisterstuf) said : #3

Thanks Henning Eggers, that solved my question.

Siôn le Roux (sinisterstuf) said : #4

I found that the language I was looking for already exists in the database. Can you add it to the Languages spoken in Namibia please? There are 2 written forms, namely Ndonga and Kwanyama (spelled Kuanyama in the list of launchpad languages).

Or am I able to add these languages to the country myself?

I've added that information. Can you please provide the plural form information as well for these languages so they are available for translation? Please look at the link Henning has posted for more information on what the plural forms are and what information we need.

Siôn le Roux (sinisterstuf) said : #6

I thought that if the languages were already there then the plural forms would already be known? I've been having trouble with the plural form expression because the languages have more than 2 forms; I couldn't find any existing expressions for them on the internet.

They are not. If you are a native speaker of the language, you might figure out the basics from a natural explanation should be good enough for us, and we'll provide a mathematical formula.

Basically, the question is with what numbers does a noun or pronoun change? (eg. in English, there is one form for 1, and another for 0 and all the other numbers: the fact that the "s" is appended for plural is not relevant, we just need to know that there is one form for 1 and another for "the rest")

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #8

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