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For as long as i have been on Launchpad, i have always been receiving all e-mails fine, until about 1 week ago.

I haven't changed anything in my e-mail server, and i can still receive every other e-mails successfully, except those from Launchpad. The only spam protection i use is DNSBL-based: if the sender has a server that figures in some blacklists, it is discarded. I have checked on <> with some Launchpad servers from previous e-mails and none of the Launchpad servers seem to be blacklisted.

I have also tried shutting down the spam blocker completely, then i immediately started receiving a lot of spam e-mails, but still none from Launchpad. This makes me think that the issue is on Launchpad's side.

I use the "Contact this user" link from my own page to send myself e-mails. A pity i can't use it that often though, it's limited to like 3 per day i think. Regardless, i also should have received code / bug notifications but haven't received any.

I have checked in some logs on my e-mail server and i can see many spams being received and getting blocked by qmail, but i can't find any of the Launchpad e-mails, making me think they didn't even get sent in the first place.

It would be very helpful if someone could check the logs of the Launchpad e-mail servers and see if there has been any e-mail sent to me ( in the past few days; and what happened to them.


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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

We do not have access to mail logs to check email traffic. I took a look at your direct and indirect bug subscriptions and did not see any bugs that would have generated email between the time this question was asked. No other users are reporting issue about missing emails.

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poy (poy) said :


I should have received notification of this bug being created:
(but it was before i asked the question, indeed.)

I should also have received code notifications from lp:dcplusplus and lp:adchpp (some commits by myself, some by others) - didn't get any.
And i should have received test e-mails i have sent myself using the "contact this user" link.

Regardless, i have added a gmail address to my account and set it as my primary address, so now i am getting e-mails just fine; problem solved.

(Still tried to contact myself again while having my previous address as primary and couldn't get the e-mail; it's weird because other providers like Facebook or Picassa can still reach me just fine on that e-mail.)

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poy (poy) said :

I have found why i wasn't getting any e-mail on my account.

I opened an e-mail i just received and looked up the IP of the sending server ( aka on <> and it appears that the server is blacklisted by the list.

I just added this list to my spam protection, so this explains it.

I suggest your e-mail admins take a look at <>, and see why you got blacklisted. Apparently there are steps to take to configure e-mail servers not to send some types of messages to anyone.