Can I translate Ubuntu or another project using Google Translator in Launchpad?

Asked by boracasli

I want to translate Ubuntu into esperanto with apertium, Bengali with anubadok and Other languages to Google Translate.
Can I translate Ubuntu or another project using Google Translator in Launchpad?
When I translate strings with Google Translate, I will be reminded?

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Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) said :

I don't think there is any integration between LP translations, and Google Translate.

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boracasli (mac-os-9-bora) said :

Thanks Mark Shuttleworth, that solved my question.

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boracasli (mac-os-9-bora) said :

I'm asking to David Planella.

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Best David Planella (dpm) said :


There are several people subscribed to the Launchpad Translations answers system, either because they are answer contacts, or because they are interested/knowledgeable in translations and want to help.

Therefore, it does not matter who helps you and answers the question.

As Mark mentioned, there is no integration between Google Translate and Launchpad Translations, and there is no one working on this either. If they provide a public API, and you'd like to work on this, Launchpad is Open Source, and you should feel free to contribute:

However, I'd be very careful using automatic translations, as they are often inaccurate and almost always need to be checked for sanity by a human.

So I'd recommend you only translate from English to a language you know.


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boracasli (mac-os-9-bora) said :

Thanks David Planella, that solved my question.

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Pierre Slamich (pierre-slamich) said :

Google Translate provides nice translations for some languages such as French.
They DO need to be checked, but a Greasemonkey script that displays a translated version below the original would be nice.

Ocportal has written a script for its internal use.

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Pierre Slamich (pierre-slamich) said :
I've uploaded the script on userscript, but still outdated

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Hennie Gauteng (hbot12) said :

I have experience with various translation software - professional, freelance and opensource

The leader are still TRADOS . . . . . and their software is very complex. . . .but more accurate. It has various measures in place to improve translation correctness

first there are the usual thesaurus. . . . word for word translation.. .. antonyms... that you will also find in MS Word / Lotus Write. . . etc

then there are the translation memories.

software that did not do any translation - I was able to configure it that it starts translation offline. . . people expect the system to start translating the contents. But... they did not complete the training course on how to first use the interface... then the building your own translation databasis... then the centralised team translation feature and ...especially for Freelance.. the Google and another company's translation APIs.

you can now immediately use Google Translate in its APIs. . . . but please load a few bucks (Rands / Pounds / Dollars) to have it working perfectly. . . . so my credit was good... and word for word - translate SENTENCE FOR SENTENCE..... google solved the book translation. But... you loose CONTEXT... that is the problem with Creative Writing.... merely translating from one to the other does not guarantee correct and perfect translation.... Context is lost - aka "Lost in translation" - so there is still a professional translator that needs to rectify the pre-translation and post-translations..... and that is where TRADOS excel in. Building three databases of translation

I have a presentation where I reversed engineered the operating capabilities of the two different versions of Trados.
The North West University in South Africa provided the product and the training. . . .but when people started using the software with Dragon Natural Speaking - it did still not work as they were trained. NWU (the university) did not provide their intellectual property... just the tool... minus the management function of the tools.

Trados is incredibly complex to use. . . . but that is where the power of the "corporate intellectual property" comes in - those translation memories of things that were successfully translated and audited by an editor. . .

Google Translate is better than the other sources. . . but.... it another resource.... just another tool in the toolbox that you have to combine into ONE SOLUTION....

the centralised Trados Activation server does not provide any translations... in fact there is none... YOU HAVE TO USE THIRD PARTY RESOURCES.

so I would direct you to evaluate it - with third party resources like Google Translate

go to TRANSLATED.NET. . . . . You are welcome contact me for a reduced - brief presentation on comparison of Trados with other products (open source). The advantage and disadvange of local translation memories / 3rd party resources in air-gapped networks.