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Asked by Monty Taylor

One of our users (termie) is not receiving mail from the mailing list associated with ~nova. We sent him this and he responded:

 > Hi Andy,
 > Re: email lists, are you settings correct at:

 Yes, and I have checked them multiple times, cycled them off and on,
 tried different email addresses. Still receiving nothing and it is
 really a drag.

Could someone take a look at see what's up here? Thanks!

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The user termie, who may be using the email address (andy) is not getting email from the ~nova mailman list. His emails do go to the list, so we are somewhat certain mailman knows hw is subscribed. I wonder if there is something interesting the the mailman error log, or the vette log (for dead email)
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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

I agree he is subscribed ( I cannot see what address he is subscribed as, but I think it is his second email address (at least that was the address used to send to the list today) We do not have records of inbound/outbound email though mailman. Has termie fix this issue himself?

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Monty Taylor (mordred) said :

Not to my knowledge. He was asking again this morning about the status of this. I think he's been replying as a person who got explicitly added to the cc list of one of the messages....

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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

Well that is interesting. mailman will not accept his emails and forward it to the list subscribers when he is not subscribed; mailman knows he is subscribed. I am at a loss as to what can be done to diagnose if mailman is not sending to him or if his emails are lost in transit. There are no other reports of mailman not sending at this moment. I will continue to look though the error reports to mailman issues.

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Michael Lustfield (michaellustfield) said :

You also double checked your spam filters? Just a thought.

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termie (termie) said :

I have double checked the spam filters, yes. My mail goes through to the mailing list, but I get none back. I do get bug reports and merge requests from launchpad.

I have not investigated mailman code in depth recently but two possibilities that spring to mind:

(1) the functions that send mail have some cached version of the list of who to send to
(2) some random crash or exception occurred when I sign up and the email listed for me somehow isn't in a second list of people who should receive mail (vs those who can send it)

Is there somebody who actually has admin access to one of these machines who can look at the logs? All outward signs point to me being able to receive mail.

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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

Mailman sync with Launchpad every minute. Mailman has had a bad cache before when it couldnot talk to the xmlrpc server. Mailman screams that it cannot talk the Launchpad and launchpad gets oopses and teams report lists are missing and users are not subscribed. We are not see this.

I will as an admin to look at the mail man error logs.

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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

Forcing the status to open so that the admins will see this. The Staging db was not updated so I have no power to look in the account state.

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termie (termie) said :

Hi guys, fixed the problem with help from Soren. Many of my tests were not conclusive because apparently I do not receive messages I post. Once we demonstrated that I could receive email on one account I was able to identify the issue: a filter further down the stack that ignored things not sent to me... next to a bunch to let other mailman lists through.

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