Renaming Templates (scrum -> project_scrum)

Asked by Mustufa Rangwala (Open ERP) on 2010-07-19

Hello LP Team,

We have translation templates available with:

So we have renamed one module scrum to project_scrum in branch => But our translations of module are same (i means msg id's ..) so is there a good way so that i can directly rename my templates on LP and it will auto synchronize with linked branch..

I think if i am admin of LP of my project ..can i directly Click Edit link and rename the module and Path of the template in the source tree, including filename will it work ?

Note: We will change templates and its translation for all language in project_scrum module (for e.g will rename scrum.pot to project_scrum.pot ..)

Thank you in advance..
Mustafa Rangwala (mra)

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The right way to do it for now is the following:
 * change the filename and path in your branch to what you want it to be (eg. "project_scrum/i18n/project_scrum.pot")
 * use "Edit" link on the above page to change the path of the existing "scrum" template to the new path in your bzr branch (eg. go to and change path from "scrum/i18n/scrum.pot" to "project_scrum/i18n/project_scrum.pot" or whatever it is)
 * ask us to rename the template in the web UI as well (this is currently restricted to the admins because of some side-effects when you have more than series with the same template—if you want to continue sharing translations with the new one, we should either rename that one as well, or simply keep the name of the template and only change the path

hello Данило Шеган,

thanks for you quick reply..

I have done first two steps .. And i want to change th web UI also that that it will display project_scrum instead of only scrum can you please update it ?

And one more silly question what is Translation Domain on edit link of templates?

Thank you very much,
Mustafa Rangwala (mra)

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #3

Short answer: Translation Domain is the name of the file exported by Launchpad.

More about the role of a translation domain can be found in the GNU Gettext manual


Hello Adi,

I want to rename scrum -> project_scrum also for templates as well as translations in below links...So when user come for translate he/she will see the project_scrum in the list now.

Thank you,
Mustafa Rangwala (mra)

mra, do you understand the consequences I described above? Translations made on won't automatically appear on project_scrum after we change it for any new messages that get introduced. If 5.0 is still being maintained, I'd suggest renaming it at the same time. What do you think?


we do not want to rename it (scrum -> project_scrum) on 5.0 because we will not change the module name in 5.0...
We have changed/rename the module name only in trunk series of addons.. So no need to touch in 5.0....

so whenever user will go to 5.0 series translation he/she will see the name=scrum and when user will go to trunk series of addons he/she will see project_scrum .. Are you getting my point ?


I am getting your point, but it seems you are not realizing the potential problems you'll run into with this. Internally, Launchpad will keep sharing translations for what are already identical messages in both 5.0 and trunk. However, new messages introduced in project_scrum template after we rename it in trunk will not "share". In the future, we'll even change this so no messages share at all, but we don't do that yet. Basically, when we do this we'll have some weird data in the database, which is why we avoid doing it. It'd be hard for us to support it, so if you run into weird problems, we can't promise to help out resolve them in a timely manner (we will resolve them, but it may just take too long for you). Since the only difference here is how it's displayed in the web UI, my suggestion is to go on with the same name for both, but if you still insist, I'll go and change it. I just want to make sure you do understand the implications, and why we are not very eager to do it.

Hello Данило Шеган,

Ok now i understand the problem so we can keep name as it is .. thanks for your explanation...

Mustufa Rangwala (mra)