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Asked by Rohan Garg on 2010-07-14

I am one of the members of the Project Neon team.We want to provide kubuntu users with nightly builds of KDE from our PPA.Unfortunately we cannot accomplish this with the current limit of 2 GB.Qt snapshots currently take up about 60 % of the PPA space leaving no space for the KDE builds.
Thus,if the ppa size could be increased to 10 GB,it would be highly appreciated.
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Julian Edwards
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That's quite a large increase. Have you checked to see if there's any existing PPA that you can depend on that has the QT packages you need?

Michał Zając (quintasan) said : #2

I do not think so. We have to use Qt from KDE's trunk (patches, etc.) with debugging symbols otherwise it won't be useful at all. But Qt is only the base, we will have to build kdelibs and kdesupport and other modules with debugging symbols. Plus, we are installing the whole thing to /opt/project-neon so it won't interfere with the stable installation of KDE SC

opening for losas

Jonathan Riddell (jr) said : #4

Yes please increase the quota size, this is an important project for Kubuntu and indeed Canonical.

Bumped to 10GiB.

Rohan Garg (rohangarg) said : #6

Thanks Julian Edwards, that solved my question.