I think The MirOS Project better be a project group…

Asked by Thorsten Glaser on 2010-07-08

I listened to a talk by Jonathan here at LSM/RMLL, and wanted to register a project for
The MirOS Project, which I am the founder of. However, after setting that up I realised
that I better had created separate projects (for example, at the moment, there are
packaged in Ubuntu mksh, makefs, libbsd-arc4random-perl at least; plus these not
packaged/packagable) with The MirOS Project being a project group instead. (The
help was not very intuitive on this.)

Can this be changed? Do I better just talk to Jonathan in real live tomorrow again?

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Rename /miros to miros-old. Reassign the question to sinzio <== sinzio??? :-)
Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #1

If you want to keep the mksh and makefs code co-mingled in the same branch and do releases at the same time, then a single project is fine. I looked at the cvs repo and I think this will not work since the many projects/pacages you release are autonymous.

I think you do want a project group. Each project acts as its own repository, its focus of development branch should proved the code that produces a release that can be packaged. eg. makefs should be registered as a project with its trunk branch based on an import of the cvs repo.

Only an admin can rename your project so that I can create a project group of the same name. Do you want me to ask an admin to remove miros project so that I can create the project group?

Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) said : #2

OK, I changed mirbsd into a real project and added an mksh project (with more to come when it goes below 37°C…) so I’m in actual need of a project group “The MirOS Project” aka “miros” now. Jonathan confirmed that this is what I/we want.

Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) said : #3

Ah, well. Leave the mirbsd project there, my co-developer wants to use it for bug tracking at the very least.

Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) said : #4

In case it wasn’t clear:
• projects mirbsd and mksh are to be kept as-is
• new project group MirOS to be added
• I will then add mirbsd, mksh (and any others) to that project group

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #5

I assigned this question to a LOSA who can rename the existing project to /miros-old. This project is not related to yours. I will create the project group when the name conflict is resolved.

Steve McInerney (spm) said : #6

renamed miros to miros-old, back to you Curtis!

- Steve

Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #7

I created <https://launchpad.net/miros>. You can add projects to this group by visiting each project and choosing the Change details link. Set "Part of" to "miros".

Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) said : #8

Thanks Curtis Hovey, that solved my question.