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Asked by Michael Wayne Goodman on 2010-07-04

I would like a project group called "delph-in" for a number of related sub-projects. If you need more information, the DELPH-IN project has a website: Many thanks in advance!

Update: After reading some comments on other project group requests, I think I should provide some more information:

1. I am not the maintainer of all the sub-projects (indeed, no such person exists, and this is a collection of projects from various universities and institutions). I am not on the standing committee of the group, but I have been investigating ways to have an "umbrella bug tracker" for our sub-projects (see the minutes of this meeting at this year's DELPH-IN summit: Launchpad's project groups seem like a good solution. If you want a member of the standing committee to be the group owner, Francis Bond is one such person with a Launchpad account, and I can ask him to comment here.

2. Not all of our projects are on LP. Most have Trac installed over their SVN repositories. Some, such as Egad (, are on LP. (note: Francis is also an administrator of the egad-devs team)

I hope this helps. Thanks!

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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #1

Project groups are for coordinated release management. If these projects do need Launchpad to coordinate release management, then a project group is the right device.

The owners/drivers of a project groups can control aspects of the sub project and most project owners find that too intrusive. You can only add project's you control to a project group. You must be the owner of at least two projects for me to create a group. The Launchpad maintainers may choose to add their projects to your project group so that you can manage their series, milestones, bugs, blueprints, and translations. You can create a team composed of all the project maintainers, and make that team the project group's driver, thus allowing all the project maintains to control each others projects.

"Coordinated release management" is perhaps inappropriate, as we don't often all release at the same time (though we have had coordinated releases, such as the Barcelona release last year). Our group has a wide range of separate projects, but they all fall under the theme of linguistic processing in HPSG. For instance, we have parsers, grammars, infrastructural systems, error mining and debugging utilities, front-ends for developing grammars, etc.

My intended use of the group is as following:
1. Bugs that affect 2+ projects can be linked between the projects as dependencies
2. Users who aren't sure where a bug report belongs can assign one to the group, and other project maintainers can later reassign them.
3. Bugs and feature requests not specific to a subproject can be assigned to the project group.
4. The project group could be used for users to find bug trackers specific to sub projects. As mentioned, many of them use Trac, so I would like the project group to tie these together so the developers of the sub projects can interact more easily.

It would not be a problem the maintainers of sub projects would be grouped in a team and manage the milestones, releases, etc. of all the other projects. Some examples of other projects are and If you need two Launchpad projects, then the previously mentioned one and Glot ( could fill that role.

If launchpad's project groups are not the appropriate device for this function, do you have recommendations for another? I appreciate your help and advice.

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #3

Launchpad supports item 4.

2 and 3. Project groups cannot have bugs or blueprints.

1. is irrelavent to bugs. There is no bug dependancy feature, and user can state a bug affects more than one project, and they can move bug between projects.

We have discussed creating mechansim to affiliate or tag projects. I think that is what you want. I do not think Launchad has a way to show these projects are affiliate :(

Thanks for addressing the points. I think a project group may still be better than what we have now, but I agree that they are not exactly what I thought they might be. I'll talk to the other maintainers of our projects about their needs for project coordination, and revisit this question if they think Launchpad offers what they need. For now I'll retract the request.

Thanks Curtis!