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Asked by Stephen Brandt

I would like to be able to assign individuals or teams to review a specific language myself, while for other languages let users submit translations directly. It seems that without an own group this is not possible, therefore this request.

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Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

That is correct. Do you actually have translators ready to take on the reviewing job? Please consider using the "Launchpad Translators" group which already has active reviewer teams for many languages. Look here for more information:

If that is not the right solution for you, I am happy to create the requested "Haguichi Translators" group for you.

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said :

Hi Stephen Brandt,

Your project is currently using Launchpad Translators group for managing translations.

Can you please let us know why are you not satisfied with the Launchpad Translators group?
You feedback is of great help for improving Launchpad Translators group.

Have you considered asking the Launchpad Translators group coordinators to appoint a new team for your specific language?

If you know a good translator in a language not covered by Launchpad Translators group, you can ask the group coordinator to appoint him to that uncovered language.

A good translator for Haguichi could also provide valuable help for other project, and even though he will not have time to add new translations, he can review translations or asses their quality.

More info about the group can be found here:

We do not force you in using an already existing translation group, but rather than dividing translators in hundreds or translation groups (each for each project) I think that we should try to reach a better collaboration between translators of various projects.

From the point of view of a translator, if I can help translating Haguichi I should also be able to translate an OpenVPN frontend or any other software. In Launchpad we have more than 15.000 software projects, and having a group for each application will require translators to join 15.000 groups.

From the point of view of a project maintainer, the Launchpad Translators group is committed to assure a high quality for translations.
Launchpad translators and group coordinators have a good understanding of how Launchpad Translations works and by working with them, projects can receive valuable knowledge and tips.

In the end, you should be the one to decide if splitting the translation community will be a bigger win for your project. Just let us know about your decision.


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Stephen Brandt (ztefn) said :

For Spanish I have Eduardo Parra (soker) who volunteered as a reviewer. Fortunately he was already a member of Launchpad Translators so I set translations to "Structured" and assigned this group. He was able to make translations and review his own work.

Unfortunately as a side effect of this configuration other languages (German, Swedish) which have been translated, are listed untranslated. This is because Launchpad Translators (automatically?) assigns a team, making it impossible to contribute directly on a drive-by basis. Even worse, this assigned team doesn't even do it's job (review the translations).

This really frustrating for me as manager of my project and for drive-by translators who see all their translations listed as 'untranslated'. This is exactly the opposite of what I want to achive, to attract people committed to the project.

So yes, please create "Haguichi Translators" group.

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said :

This is a question of quality over quantity, and I agree that quantity is not one of the Launchpad Translators group strengths.

I think that we should encourage those drive-by translators to become more involve into translations and join the dedicated translations teams. There are so many drive-by translators and so few reviewers, that the assigned reviewers don't have enough time to review all of them. It is not like they want to boycott Haguichi translations.

I can only speak for the Romanian drive-by translators and I can tell that 99% of the drive-by translators are submitting bad translations. They are only drive-by translators because they don't care to much about the translations quality and they don't follow a guideline or use a spell-checker.

If as a project maintainer you are focused on quantity and are willing to accept translations from drive-by translators, I suggest that you should use an open translation model.


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Stephen Brandt (ztefn) said :

Dear Adi,

In the second paragraph you state that you want to encourage drive-by translators to become more involved in the "dedicated" translation teams. Yet in the following paragraph you insult 99% of them by saying they don't care too much about the translations quality.

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said :


I apologies if I have offended 99% of the Romanian drive-by translator. That was not my intention and I am sorry for that statement.
It might as well be that the rest of 99% do care about translations, but they just don't have time (or there are other reasons) to read the guidelines or collaborate with the other translators. I was wrong asserting the Romanian translators don't care about the quality.

I was speaking about the Romanian drive-by translators, because I'm reviewing those translations and when I saw a translator submitting wrong translations I'm sending an email to let them know why quality is important, what are the Romanian translations guidelines and how they can improve they translations. Only 1% of them are actually reading the guidelines and improve the translations or start a discussion regarding improving the translations.

My invitation for them was to became more involve into the translation work, to read the guidelines and collaborate with other translators.

If a drive-by coder will send you a patch, you will not immediate apply it, but rather review and check the quality. If the same drive-by coder continue to send you bad patches you will invite him/her to read the coding conventions and have a pre-implementation chat before doing any further work. You can also invite him to join the mailinglist or the IRC channel.
I am wrong?


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Stephen Brandt (ztefn) said :

Dear Henning,

Would you please happily create the requested "Haguichi Translators" group for me now?

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Best Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

Hi Stephen,
I am happy to tell you that "Haguichi Translators" is now created and that you are the admin for it.

Sorry for the delay, I was at a conference last week ...

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Stephen Brandt (ztefn) said :

Thanks Henning Eggers, that solved my question.