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Asked by Wes Groleau

Project's translations are "structured"

I am looking at a text item. There is "(no current translation)" but there is a suggestion.

What exactly do I click to make that suggestion become the current translation?

On some times, I have managed to get it to say that I have made the exact same suggestion, but there is still no current translation.

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said :


Can you please give us the link to that translation?

If the translations are „structured” and your translations are only added as a suggestion, it means there is a translation teams appointed for checking the quality of suggestions.

Translation permissions are described here:

In the bottom of the page, you should see a text like:

This translation is managed by SOME_TEAM_NAME, assigned by SOME_TRANSLATION_GROUP.

Your suggestions will be held for review by the managers of this translation.

For any question regarding the translations into that language you can contact SOME_TEAM_NAME.


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Wes Groleau (webmaster-unigen) said :

The project is webtrees.

The admin admits to not being an expert yet at the translation tools, but he is not fluent in Spanish. But unless I misunderstood him, he thought he had made me a reviewer. Obviously, though, I am not an expert on the tools, either.

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said :

On the Webtrees main translation page ( it sais:
 webtrees is translated by webtrees translators with Structured permissions.

Taking a look at the Webtrees translators group ( we can see that webtrees-es ( are the managers for Spanish Webtrees translations.

You are a member of the webtrees-es team and you should be allowed to approve translations.

Can you provide us with a link to the exact translation page that is causing the problem?


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Wes Groleau (webmaster-unigen) said :

I click Spanish, then I click untranslated items.
First item is[code]192. English: Hourglass chart
Current Spanish: (no translation yet)
  Diagrama Reloj de Arena
  Suggested by Wes Groleau on 2010-05-22
            Dismiss all suggestions above.
                New translation: [ ]
                 Someone should review this translation[/code]So there are only two things I can click. Perhaps there's a particular sequence. But I have tried various and haven't succeeded in getting the suggestion to become the "current translation"

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Wes Groleau (webmaster-unigen) said :

Well, I got the first one accepted finally.
Now if I can remember what I did for the next one.

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said :

There should be a "radio button" next to the suggestion. What you need to do is select that radio button, then once you're done with the entire page, click the "Save & continue" button at the bottom of the page.

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Wes Groleau (webmaster-unigen) said :

OK, I think I'm getting it.

If I select the suggestion, the suggestion is copied to the new translation box.
If I then select "new translation, instead of actually becoming the new translation, that makes that item another suggestion?

But also, if I click "next" (page) without "save & continue" nothing changes, correct?

S, I should click _only_ the suggestion I want to "accept" and the save button.

Now, if the suggestions are not good, I am thinking I should
1. type in a correct "new translation" and "save"
2. Come back to it, select it in the suggestion list, and save.
3. Come back to it, and click dismiss all other suggestions.
Do I have that one right?

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said :

Most probably your previous translations were done while you were not yet member of a translation team.

If you are not member of a translation team (your are not a manager for those translations) your new translations will be only added as suggestions.

Instead, if you are member of a translation team, your new translations will be commited automatically as the current translation. No need to come back over and over again.

Just try it out and observe the results :)


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