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Asked by Sietse Brouwer on 2010-05-16

This is a feature request --- I couldn't find a better place to put it. My apologies.

When one sees a phrase-to-be-translated, it is just the phrase sans context, and one first thinks of the 'obvious' translation'. Then one checks out the program, find out what the real context is, and proposes a 'non-obvious' translation. At this point, it would be helpful if one could add a comment to the translation containing the rationale. This would protect against accidental overruling by someone who doesn't know the context. It would also make improvement easier, as subsequent editors could simply read the context description, instead of having to dig it up for themselves.

--Sietse Brouwer

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Best Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #1


There are 2 types of annotations
 1. annotations that make sense for all languages
 2. annotations that make sense only for a language


For the first case, we have POTemplate message comments that can be defined by project developers.
For example "Search" can be translated in multiple ways and this is why "The text from the Search button" was added as a comment for this message here:

In case the translation is not obvious you should file a bug and ask the project maintainer to clarify this by adding a translation comment.


For the second case, there are POFile message comments. They are not implemented in Launchpad translations and this is bug 25


Sietse Brouwer (sbbrouwer) said : #2

Thanks Adi Roiban, that solved my question.

Chimel (chimel31) said : #3

Generic comments would be great indeed.
We can't really open a bug each time there is a source term without context. In many cases, several translators for different languages would open the same bug, so it's not efficient.