Request to create a dolfyn project group

Asked by dolfyn on 2010-05-10

Please create a dolfyn project group (there is an empty project dolfyn now).

The main, most active, subproject will be the dolfyn solver itself:

Launchpad projects:
• dolfyn-cfd => current version is 0.526, sets up directory dolfyn-0.526, for debian/linux/un*x install writes dolfyn, dolgeo and gmsh2dolfyn to /usr/bin
• dolfyn-tst => all the checkout test scripts, model files, data files etc, sets up directory dolfyn-0.526/tst
• dolfyn-doc => will contain the documentation (couple of large pdf files), fills directory dolfyn-0.526/doc
• dolfyn-demo => some demo files (hardly ever change), sets up directory dolfyn-0.526/demo
• dolfyn-gmsh => some Gmsh/dolfyn demo files in dolfyn-0.526/gmsh

And in the future:
• dolfyn-tex => the tex and figure sources
• dolfyn-gui (orka) => the tcl/tk gui dolfyn-0.526/orka and to /usr/bin

Thank you in advance

NOTE 1: The suggestion here was not proper Debianized; it should have been "dolfyn_0.5.26"

NOTE 2: Dolfyn works optionally together with the following Ubuntu/Debian codes/projects: gfortran and gmsh, dx, paraview. See

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Rename the project dolfyn then reassign the question to sinzui.
Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #1

I can create the project, but we need to wait for an admin to rename the project you created. Your intentions were good, but it prevents me from completing your project group task. Objects cannot be converted.

Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #2

I've renamed it to - assigning back to you, Curtis.

Thanks, Tom

Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #3

I created the project group and made you the owner <>. You can add projects to this group using the Change details link on each project page. Set the "Part of" field to 'dolfyn'.

dolfyn (hwkrus) said : #4

Great thanks! Now I can start uploading and enjoying launchpad/bazaar!