Why is it so hard to search for stuff on Launchpad?

Asked by Zeniff on 2010-05-04

Many times when I search for a question or a bug, Launchpad will have no results. However, if I copy and paste the exact same search string into the Summary when I'm about to post a new bug or question, Launchpad will nicely try to prevent duplicates by searching. Only then will get results (or ones which are better).

Why do these seem separate? Why do I have to go through the process of starting a new bug or question in order to get more relevant (or any) search results?

(I hope it doesn't sound angry... O_O But it's frustrating because finding the link to ask a question or post a bug is also very difficult to do, because I'm a new user with no idea what the project names are.)

Thank you very much for any help or advice~!!! ^^

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Karl Fogel (kfogel) said : #1

As far as the overlap between searching for bugs and automated dup-finding, I had thought there was a bug filed about this and (ironically enough) I can't seem to find it. Assigning to launchpad-bugs contact for more information.

Zeniff (zeniffmartineau) said : #2

Thanks for the quick reply! ^^

I also posted this question because I'm trying to figure out where to post a new question/bug. So, I'm not sure if this should be a new question or not, but how do I ask questions or file bugs when I have no idea where they go? In my case, I've had a constant "ata error" message every 3 seconds for months and all I have ever figured out was that it's related to the hard disk....maybe. I have copies of logs and everything, except no project name and no search results relevant enough. Where would I post such a question or bug? (Maybe it would be helpful if we could submit a log and Launchpad maybe could analyze it and compare it to other submitted logs to help us find a similar answer/bug?)

Karl Fogel (kfogel) said : #3

For that, I would try ubuntuforums.org -- not necessarily because they'll have a solution there, but they'll be able to tell you either how to try to find one, or where best to file the bug if there isn't a solution. Or you could just search and/or file in
https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu if you're in a hurry.

(I assume you've tried simply Googling the error message too, right?)

Hope this helps,

Deryck Hodge (deryck) said : #4

Just changing the status since this one has been answered.

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