Question for ubuntu somehow got emailed to me and changed projects?

Asked by Nick on 2010-05-04


I have recieved the following email regarding a feature suggestion for ubuntu which has nothing to do with my project (Little Registry Cleaner) and as you can see the link has been changed from ubuntu to little registry cleaner. This looks like there might be a problem with the answer feature.


- Nick

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Karl Fogel (kfogel) said : #1

Hmm, yes, this is a little weird. In the email, you got this link:

  New question #109518 on Little Registry Cleaner:

But if you visit that link, you will be redirected to:

(which is an appropriate place for the question). I'm not sure if this represents a bug in the Answers application or is just a strange consequence of some user behavior. Retargeting to launchpad-answers to see if they know.

Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #2

User can and do report questions to the wrong project. I see a lot reported against gedit because that is the last app a user tried to use to open a file before deciding to ask a question about something like installed ssh. I also see a lot of projects accidentally retargeted--I think there is some confustion about the choice of project or distro + package.

The user who made this mistake has never used Launchpad before today. It is quite common for Ubuntu users to think that Launchpad is just about Ubuntu. I think the user or an answer contact fixed the issue once the mistake was realised. I see this often in the gedit example I gave.

Nick (ub3rst4r) said : #3

Thanks Curtis Hovey, that solved my question.