3 weeks delay in our translation upload queue..

Asked by Clement Lefebvre on 2010-05-01


Can somebody review the translations in our queue? We've uploaded them 3 weeks ago.


There were 2 uploads. The first one, consists of the exact same files downloaded from the previous translation series (helena), it contains the pot and po files. The second upload is more recent, as we modified the software, it's an upload of the new pot files.

Other pot files for other tools were successfully imported (mintinstall, mintmenu.. for some reason this one, which is for the ubiquity installation slides as ignored so far).

Thanks in advance,

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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #1

Hi Clement,

Linux Mint translations are managed by Linux Mint translations group which is owned by Clement Lefebvre (you).

If you can not approve them, then this is probably a bug.

I am one of the owner of Ubuntu Translation group and I can approve/manage the import queue for Ubuntu.

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #2

Translation group owners generally can't approve uploads; Ubuntu is special in that regard.

The imports could be made completely automatic with a few changes:

 * Import the templates from a bzr branch. Less work and less error-prone than uploading.

 * PO filenames should conform to the naming conventions:
    <same directory as template>/<language code>.po

 * Name each template after the translation domain it represents (e.g. "giants.pot") or if that's not possible, call it "messages.pot" but don't use some other identical name.

 * It's probably best to avoid extra dots and such in the filenames, in order not to confuse the auto-approver.


Jeroen: Is it possible for us to get the permission to approve our own upload queue, the way Ubuntu does? Our RC is out today and after more than 3 weeks in the queue we're still not in a position to ask our community to translate it. We need to do something urgently, please let me know. I'd hate to resort to using the forums to have the slides translated, that would be defeating the whole purpose of migrating to Launchpad in the first place.

Clement, unfortunately, there isn't. Using a bazaar branch will however give you automatic approval as long as you are using correct layout. That will make it all much faster for everything you are trying to do and no manual approval will be required unless you do some weird stuff. The layout of your branch must be something like:


(directory names can be different, but it's important that template doesn't have a generic shared name and that translations strictly use the language code; this is, btw, a standard gettext layout)

I modified the structure and the filenames to the following:


Can you validate them and cancel the previous "ubiquity-slideshow-mint" uploads?

Let me know if you need more info.

All templates are approved now: as long as you keep the same path, they will be auto-approved in the future. For translation files to be auto-approved as well, you'll need to re-upload them as well in corresponding directories using only language codes as file names.

Данило Шеган: Ok, I uploaded the .po files as well, using the same directories and keeping the filenames to only show the language code. Thanks God for the rename command... if I had to do that by hand... :))

Thanks for your help. All pot files were approved and imported. All po files were approved and are waiting to be imported, I guess this happens automatically after a little while or so..

Thanks again,

Thanks Данило Шеган, that solved my question.

You are welcome: for any future issues, feel free to ask questions here as soon as something like 12h passes after your upload: we'd be happy to assist, though you can avoid us completely by using bazaar branches :)