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Asked by Rickard Närström

It seems like the PPA builders gets rebuilds for hurdy that are missing b-d on debhelper (>= 7), making most builds fails and end up in a "Dependency wait" state.

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Julian Edwards
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Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) said :

The builders are not stuck - it's just the builds that are failing.

The problem is that hardy doesn't have debhelper >= 7, it only exists in backports. For any PPA that wants to use >=7 they need to enable backports in the PPA dependencies page.

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Rickard Närström (riccetn) said :

You are of course correct, and my builds went through after a few days. The queues are currently vary long and all the retries of old and still failing jobs doesn't make the processing faster.

The problem isn't as bad now as it was earlier thanks to a lot new builder recently added, and the queues seems slowly get shorter.

But isn't there anything that can be done about builds with repeated failures that uploaders doesn't seem to care about?

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Best Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) said :

There's a couple of options I guess:

1. Contact the uploaders and let them know about their mistake.
2. Do nothing

Since the failure is detected early in the build, it doesn't waste a lot of time on the build farm so I am fine with option 2. If you feel that the uploaders should know about their issues more prominently then please contact them!

The queues are currently very long because at Ubuntu release time, the builders are mostly re-purposed to push data out of the data centre for people downloading the new release. It takes virtually every machine available to be able to fill the bandwidth required. Once the downloads die off a bit then the hardware is placed back as a builder, and the queues will decrease in size more quickly.

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Rickard Närström (riccetn) said :

Thanks Julian Edwards, that solved my question.