Parrot import fails with StrictCommitError: Tree is unclean

Asked by Ronald Blaschke on 2010-04-25

Parrot's import ( fails with the following message. Could you please have a look?

2010-04-21 08:19:46 WARNING N changeset 45841
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/srv/", line 82, in <module>
  File "/srv/", line 77, in main
  File "/srv/", line 434, in run
    return self._doImport()
  File "/srv/", line 518, in _doImport
    self.importToBazaar(foreign_tree, bazaar_branch)
  File "/srv/", line 496, in importToBazaar
    foreign_directory, "-SC", "%s::" % last_commit, bzr_directory)
  File "/srv/", line 513, in _runToBaz
    totla.totla(config, self._logger, config.args, SCM.tree(source_dir))
  File "/srv/", line 253, in totla
    take_action(apply, revision, target_tree, strict, logger)
  File "/srv/", line 286, in take_action
    revision, logger=logger, strict=strict, summarize=apply.summary)
  File "/srv/", line 159, in commitWithAutomaticLog
  File "/srv/", line 184, in _checkTreeIsClean
    raise StrictCommitError(self)
cscvs.bzr.StrictCommitError: Tree is unclean: u'/srv/'
Import failed:
Traceback (most recent call last):
Failure: twisted.internet.error.ProcessTerminated: A process has ended with a probable error condition: process ended with exit code 1.

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Michael Hudson-Doyle
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This is my fault, it affects most imports that have been upgraded at some stage.

A temporary fix is easy when an admin gets online, and a real fix not too much harder...

Ronald Blaschke (rblasch) said : #2

Thanks Michael Hudson, that solved my question.