Request for creating "ADempiere Translation Group"

Asked by PeanutBlake on 2010-04-23

Request for creating "ADempiere Translation Group"

Thanks for approving the uploaded .pot files in project aderp.
aderp project focuses on ADempiere Addons, Translations & Localizations.
ADempiere ERP is of the TOP 5 open source ERP ( Compiere, ADempiere, OpenBravo, OpenERP ...)
So we need create "ADempiere Translation Group" to review translations and assure quality.

We sincerely appeal for your approvement.

Best regards!

Peanut Blake
ADempiere ERP Community

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Adi Roiban
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Best Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #1


Translations for ADempiere ERP Addons are currently managed by OpenERP Translations group (,

Did you have problems in reviewing translations and assuring quality while using this translations group?

If yes, can you please provide some feedback about why OpenERP Translations group can not help with your translations?

Have you tried using the more generic Launchpad Translation Group ( ?

We do not force you in using an already existing translation group, but rather than dividing translators in hundreds or translation groups (each for each project) I think that we should try to reach a better collaboration between translators of various projects.

From the point of view of a translator, if I can help translating OpenERP intro Romanian I should be able to also translate ADempiere ERP Addons or Firefox intro Romanian.


PeanutBlake (peanutblake) said : #2

Hi, Adi Roiban

Thanks for your suggestion. I see your point.
I will consider using "OpenERP Translations group" or "Launchpad Translation Group".

But I still have a question:
There are some items ( or text ) have special meanings in ADempiere ERP , which is different from other project, how can the generic group manages the quality?

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #3

Hi PeanutBlake,

That is primarily a matter of communication and organization, most of which goes beyond Launchpad.

One thing you can do however is add a link to a translation guide in the template descriptions.

Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #4

In every software there are special texts and you should use translation comments to help and hints translators.

For example the "Search" text can be both a noun or a verb and to help translators, I have added the following comment "The text from the Search button". Here is the page:

There is a brief explanation of using Gettext comments on the wikipedia page:

You can also use normal comments (//, /* */, #).


PeanutBlake (peanutblake) said : #5

Thanks for Adi Roiban & Jeroen T. Vermeulen.

Yeah, good idea to use translation comments. but I cannot edit comments by web page, i have to modify POT file and upload it, not convenient for updating. here is related page:

Anyway, i will try my best to manage my ADempiere ERP Translation Project.

PeanutBlake (peanutblake) said : #6

Thanks Adi Roiban, that solved my question.