Example of uploading a custom kernel into a ppa?

Asked by Paul Belanger on 2010-03-23

I'm looking a tutorial or example on how to upload a custom kernel into a PPA. Basically I want to take the kernel that ships with Ubuntu and strip unnecessary modules from it. I have some embedded hardware and looking to slim down the kernel.

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Uploading a kernel to a PPA would be no different to uploading any other package. If you want to learn more about kernel packaging you can ask on #ubuntu-moto on Freenode and they should help you there.

Paul Belanger (pabelanger) said : #2

Apparently not:

Now talking on #ubuntu-motu
<pabelanger> I was looking to get some information about packaging a custom kernel into PPA. Does anybody have any existing documentation? I'm looking to use the default linux package but modifiy it to only be my custom kernel (no the other 6).
<ScottK> pabelanger: This isn't the channel for PPA questions.

Unfortunately he's either dodging your question or doesn't understand what you want.

I think you need to ask it differently and ask how you can make a custom kernel package, without mentioning a PPA. The PPA aspect is irrelevant in this case.

Paul Belanger (pabelanger) said : #4

Still looking for a solution. I did find an excellent site about creating a new .config (http://blog.avirtualhome.com/2009/11/03/how-to-compile-a-kernel-for-ubuntu-karmic/), but I'm more interested into uploading it into a PPA and managing it from there.

Hi Paul,

As Julian mentioned, a ppa just accepts any source package that builds locally with pbuilder. So I think you really want to find out how to create your own version of a source package (similar to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1001/FixSmallBugs ?). Once you have your source package, uploading it to a PPA is no different from any other package (ie. what you've probably already read at: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA). I'm not aware of whether modifying a linux kernel source package involves extra steps, but that's not related to PPAs and is something you should be able to ask on MOTU.

That said, if you wanted to chat with people who do use PPAs for their own custom kernels (it's not something I've done), you might want to find a relevant PPA here and try contacting the owner:


Hope that helps.

Paul Belanger (pabelanger) said : #6


Thanks for posting the link to other kernels in the PPA, that is exactly what I needed. I'll be sure to make a posting on my blog about the process I have taken.

Did you ever find a way to make a source package from a kernel git checkout?

I can't figure it out either. Trying to upload from the bz2. Anyone know how?