Please purge mailing list <email address hidden>

Asked by Dan on 2010-03-04

Please purge <email address hidden> .

Is it possible in the future to make it's content private ?

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Barry, is this possible? Is this a good enough reason to remove a message from a mailing list? Is this something we can add to the LOSA FAQ? LOSAs: Yes, I think this is a good enough reason. A third party posted someone else's personal information accidentally. rm the list. copy: ..../var/mailman/mhonarc/bit-team.backup-2010-04-19.tgz

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  • 2010-04-17 by Dan
Brad Crittenden (bac) said : #1

Hi Dan,

The mailing list archive is a shared resource with the team and project. We do not delete such artifacts without a compelling reason.

As to making it private, we don't provide private mailing lists for open projects.


Dan (danleweb) said : #2


I'm the team owner and I forward to the mailing list (by mistake) a mail that supposed to be private.
I see no other way to remove it. If this is not a good reason than too bad to me.


Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #3

Hi Dan,

Generally, we don't take down archive postings, but if there really is a privacy leak we'll sometimes do so. Please post the url to the exact message you want taken down and we'll evaluate it. Thanks!

Dan (danleweb) said : #4


In the message:
I forward a mail that I received, that mail contains full informations about the person who send it to me.
The content can be public but not his personal informations.
If you can remove them it should be great.


Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #5

Hi Dan, I think this is a good enough reason to remove the posting. Assigning to Launchpad admins.

Dan (danleweb) said : #6

Thanks Barry Warsaw, that solved my question.

Eike (eike2) said : #7

I just contacted Dan because the mail is still online. I am the one who originally wrote the email Dan forwarded.

@Barry Warsaw: I hope you can remove the message and/or the archived version from your system as it contains my private address, mobile phone number and so on. If you think it is necessary I can mail you a scan of my personal ID card.



Dan (danleweb) said : #8

The mail is still there. Can you please remove it ?

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #9

I purged the mailing list.

Dan (danleweb) said : #10

Then why can I see the messages ?

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #11

Ah. Purge removed the list from launchpad. mhonarc had a disk cache. I assigned the issues back to an admin who can delete the files,

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #12

I meant to use the comment button.

Steve McInerney (spm) said : #13

rm'd from disk.

- Steve

Dan (danleweb) said : #14