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Asked by Iain Lane


Background: I am an Ubuntu developer working on importing packages from Debian. Occasionally it would be nice to test builds on all Ubuntu supported architectures prior to upload.

This is the situation I find myself in now, wishing to test the build of ghc6 from unstable on IA64. Building in a chroot has proved to be a poor indicator of success on the buildds in Debian.

I wonder if it would be possible to be provided with a devirtualised PPA which builds for all arches, and specifically IA64. I anticipate use of this PPA to be very limited, only being used to test builds which have a real risk of failure on arches that I am unable to test on personally.


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Julian Edwards
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Michael Lustfield (michaellustfield) said :

Generally pbuilder is used to do this. Check out this link for a quick guide with pbuilder.

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Iain Lane (laney) said :

Thank you. As an MOTU, I am quite aware of how to build a package. I thought I was quite explicit in my original question that I want to build for other architectures than my system can natively support, and furthermore that I want to test on an actual buildd as the GHC build is highly sensitive to the environment it is run in.

I would like a devirtualised PPA to test this, and my question is about whether it will be possible to provide me with one of these or not.

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Best Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) said :


Sorry for the delay in answering! Non-virtual PPAs are not being provided to the community I'm afraid, it's too much of a security risk.

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Iain Lane (laney) said :

Fair enough. I don't see what the difference is as I can just upload to the primary archive, but your call.

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Iain Lane (laney) said :

Thanks Julian Edwards, that solved my question.