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Asked by Mitch Towner

Gerry C. has joined LP some few days ago. In this period of time he has been continually assigning invalid new tasks & assigning people/teams to bugs. He has been sent an official notice to read the docs but it does not seem to have worked.

For 47 examples (that I am currently cleaning up) please see

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Steve McInerney
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Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said :

I sent ~ubuntunerd-nospammail this email:

A request was made to suspend your Launchpad access because your changes to bugs are disruptive to the community.

You do need to work with the Ubuntu community and abide by their rules. You may want to read and sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. If I do not get a reply from you in the next 48 hours, I will suspend your Launchpad account.

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Steve McInerney (spm) said :

Curtis, fwiw I've also sent the same style of message about 20 hours ago.
No response.

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Mitch Towner (kermiac) said :

looks like he isn't taking any notice.
He was doing exactly the same kind of things about 5 hrs ago & he has just started yet again.
Can we please just block this user as it is becoming a nightmare to clean up after him.

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Best Steve McInerney (spm) said :

We saw a little more activity from this person. Either they're not reading their email, or are ignoring it.
I have suspended their account as they're generating quite a lot of angst - unf shortcircuiting their timed contact warning. :-(

Am hopeful that by suspending they will contact us to find out why.
Have left a note in their whiteboard explaining this, so any of the other losas should be fine to run with.

- Steve

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Mitch Towner (kermiac) said :

Thank you Steve :)

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Mitch Towner (kermiac) said :

Thanks Steve McInerney, that solved my question.