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Asked by oz on 2010-02-10

I created a bzr branch on Launchpad yesterday to export translations to it. When does the export happen? I created the branch around noon yesterday. I thought maybe it will be triggered overnight but it is 9:30am (PST).

I see the following:

"Automatic synchronization
Translations are exported daily to branch lp:wiserearth."

However, I still see the following message on the branch:

"This branch has not been pushed to yet."

Can you please help?

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen
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You have to push to the branch before it can be exported to.

oz (oz-ezkode) said : #2

1- I created an empty bazaar branch on my local machine (bzr init)
2- Pushed it to Launchpad (bzr push --use-existing-dir lp:wiserearth).

I expected the translation files to be exported to this branch since I associated the two. I still have an empty branch. What step am I missing?

Also, why is there no mention of when this automated export happens? Isn't there a way to trigger this export so that we don't have to waste days trying to setup something that should take only a few minutes?

I use bzr daily for my work but I do not create branches and set them up for Launchpad export on a regular basis. I would very much appreciate a little help with this process.


Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #3

The setup _seems_ to be working; it looks as if you pushed the branch on Friday or so (by UTC), and then on Saturday morning there was an export containing what looks like all your translations. After that, there are no errors in the logs but there are also no more commits.

To help figure out what the problem is, I've added some translations. I'll see whether they get committed to the branch.

Best Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #4

I had a sysadmin schedule an extra run, and it worked just fine. So it seems that all that was needed was for the cron job to run.

We currently run the job once a day, at 04:30 UTC. When exactly it gets to your branch depends on workload and other imponderables.

Maybe in the future we should consider running the job more frequently, at least until runtime becomes a problem, or allowing manual requests of near-immediate runs. That does raise the question or priority though; there may well be more useful things to do with the same engineering time. I do hope that in the meantime your immediate problem is solved!

Do let us know if anything is still not right.

oz (oz-ezkode) said : #5

All seems to be working now. Thank you.