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Asked by Dean Jansen on 2010-02-08


We've had a few problems getting our sites set properly because we don't seem to have administrative control over them.

Unfortunately, we have been out of touch with Greg Opperman (current admin) for quite some time. Can someone make my account the maintainer for: if we do this, will I be able to specify maintainers for sub-projects?

Also, once we do this can we remove duplicate projects? We seem to have a few duplicates that got created.


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Having control of the pculture "super-project" does not grant you any particular influence over the contained projects, so if the maintainers of those have gone awol you'll have to file further questions.

Similarly, duplicate projects can be removed, but it's a case by case thing, and only admins can do it.

I think it's fine to make you or a team you are a member of the maintainer of 'pculture' to start with.

Dean Jansen (list) said : #2

Thanks Michael Hudson, that solved my question.

Dean Jansen (list) said : #3

Ah, I should have also said: "yes, please make me a maintainer of pculture"


ps. can there only be one maintainer? can the maintainer "swap themself out?"

Dean Jansen (list) said : #4

Also, should I start creating new questions for the other issues, or just add to this question thread?

I'll poke a sysadmin to make you the maintainer of pculture.

There is only one 'maintainer' field, but the maintainer can (and very often should) be a team. Maintainers can 'swap themselves out' by setting another user or team as mainainer, yes.

One issue per question is easier for us to deal with, thanks.


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