Can I re-upload the same package sources?

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Julian Edwards

Yes you can, but you *must* increase the package's version. If you don't you will get a rejection from Launchpad similar to:

File <UPLOADED_FILE> already exists in <LOCATION>, but uploaded version has different contents.
See more information about this error in

You cannot re-upload the same file with different contents. Bumping the version means you will generate new files when running debuild.

The reason that you must do this is because people (and the apt client) get very confused when seeing the same file but with different contents. apt will additionally fail silently and in bad ways.

If you have a different orig tarball, you must also bump its version. Don't pretend that it's the same file as before! Launchpad will check the md5sum and prevent you uploading the same file name with different contents.