My PPA has reached the space limit. What can I do?

Created by Christian Reis on on 2008-01-17
PPA disk space limit
Last updated by:
Julian Edwards on on 2010-05-14

If your PPA has reached the space limit, there are a few things you can do.

The easiest option is to remove packages from it. While obvious, it isn't always obvious that packages may not have been automatically superseded in the archive; this happens, for instance, when the package name varies. Pay particular attention to packages that have .orig.tar.gz files that are used by multiple versions; those packages will only be superseded when all packages that use that .orig file have also been superseded.

If you believe you have good reason to request additional disk space, file a question with a written justification at and it will be considered. A Launchpad admin will consider your request and either defer it or provide you with alternative advice.