What do I do if Launchpad can't import my CVS or SVN branch into Bazaar?

Created by Christian Reis on on 2007-11-04
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Jelmer Vernooij on on 2012-02-26

There are times when a Launchpad bug causes a CVS or Subversion branch import to fail. This can happen because of limitations inside cscvs, the tool we use to import branches, or because of network connectivity problems. There are a few ways around this problem depending on what the actual failure is.

If the import fails because of a connectivity issue, you can provide a tarball of your repository and open a request to have it imported within our datacenter.

If the import fails because of a cscvs limitation, you may be able to work around it by using a different tool to the the import. It is important to underline that any such import will be one-time only, and we will not be able to automatically import the branch continuously in Launchpad. However, for projects that want to do evaluations of Bazaar, or if they want to convert permanently, this is a valid alternative.

For CVS conversions, read the information at:


More on general branch conversions at: