Why has the package I dput-ed into my team's PPA not shown up yet?

Created by Gary Poster
Soyuz PPA Launchpad dput
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Kristian Glass

 * You probably have not signed the upload, or have not signed it with a GPG key registered for your Launchpad account.
   * If the upload is signed, even if it gets rejected by packaging-inconsistencies, you should receive an email explaining the reasons within 5 minutes.
   * All of the instructions at https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA are mandatory.

 * Other common errors include not specifying mandatory headers in the changes file. There's currently a bug in Launchpad that prevents emailing a response in this circumstance, please check your changes file that it contains headers like "Files:"

If, after checking all of these items, you are still getting a problem, please file a Question stating your package name and your PPA page URL and someone will check for problems on the Launchpad side.

We don't generally send email in this case because we don't have a good way to confirm who the uploader is when GPG verification fails. We can't use the metadata from the package itself here, because often people try things like just reuploading packages that they found in Debian to a PPA, and we don't want to spam Debian developers in that sort of case.

-- There is more information regarding upload errors at: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors