What are +junk branches?

Created by Matthew Revell
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Usually, when you register a Bazaar branch with Launchpad you specify which project the branch is associated with.

If you'd prefer to upload a branch to Launchpad without it showing up in any project's branch listings, you can use the +junk pseudo-project. This can be useful if your branch is:

    * for a project not yet in Launchpad
    * not ready to be publicly associated with a project.

+junk branches work in a similar way to normal branches: anyone can create their own branch and they show up in your own branch list.

However, there are some differences:

    * only individuals - not teams - can register them
    * you can't propose a +junk branch for merger
    * they don't show up in any project's branch listing
    * you don't earn karma from +junk branches.

There's a full description here: