I've discovered I already have a Launchpad account. How did that happen?

Created by Matthew Revell
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Curtis Hovey

In certain situations Launchpad automatically creates people profiles in order to credit someone's work. If you find that Launchpad has automatically created a profile for you, it may be because:

 * your email address is indicated in a source package imported into Launchpad; this includes all packages in Ubuntu
 * you had an account in the Ubuntu Bugzilla bug tracker
 * you were indicated as Last-Translator in a translation file included in Ubuntu or uploaded to Launchpad.

These accounts are inactive and their email address is not displayed anywhere in Launchpad. Launchpad only uses that information to satisfy referential integrity constraints in the database and to allow us to credit you on the work you have done in the open source world!

An easy way to find out if Launchpad already created an account for you is to search for your name or email addresses:


If you discover that Launchpad has already created an account for you, claiming it is easy: just request a new password for it by use the forgot password feature provided by the single sign on server:


If you don't know what email address was used when creating that account, email help@launchpad.net.