In translations, what do "Changed in Launchpad" and "Newly translated in Launchpad" mean?

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen

"Changed in Launchpad" means that Launchpad knows about a translation that was first published somewhere outside Launchpad (typically upstream), but the translation made in Launchpad is different.

In contrast, "Newly translated in Launchpad" means that the string is translated in Launchpad, but translations published elsewhere did not have a translation for the string.

Ideally, "Changed in Launchpad" translations exist only for two cases:

1. The Launchpad translation is a clear improvement over the published one. In this case translation teams should also try to share it with upstream translators, so the "Changed in Launchpad" status turns into plain "Translated" and its part of the status bars turns green.

2. The Launchpad translation is for a package (e.g. in Ubuntu) where different translation standards apply. For example, it may use different quote marks or a different native word for "file" than the published translation.