I reported a bug, and now I'm getting spammed with emails. Why? How can I stop it?

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Karl Fogel

We sometimes see questions like this:

"I reported a bug in Ubuntu with Apport. Since then, I've been receiving lots of emails with several different error reports. In 1 hour, I can receive 80 or more email -- it's overloading my inbox. What is happening, and what can I do to fix it?"


This can happen when someone reports a bug and then that bug is marked as a duplicate of some other older and more active bug. The cause of the notifications will be hard to see, because the bug the user reported is not listed in that user's "subscribed bugs" list -- because it is now marked as a duplicate and thus is not shown in bug lists by default. The user can't easily figure out how they are subscribed.

The solution is to go to the Advanced Search page for your subscribed bugs:


...scroll down to the bottom and uncheck the "Hide duplicate bugs" box, and hit Submit. Now you'll be shown a list of all bugs you're receiving notifications for; find the bug that's bugging you (perhaps one that you reported and was later marked as a duplicate), and unsubscribe from it.

If you know this is happening because of a bug you reported, you can also use the same technique starting from here: