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Answered 681220 libneon27-dev builddep can not be installed in Bionic 2019-06-04 04:03:12 UTC Pavel Answered
Solved 657802 Build failure with Zesty 2017-09-09 04:06:14 UTC VinsS Solved
Answered 645919 Launchpad recipe seems to be broken 2017-07-02 06:35:01 UTC Robert Bruce Park Answered
Solved 295924 build failed, complained a missing package 2016-07-03 08:30:38 UTC Joachim Schwender Solved
Solved 252340 UnicodeError in add_autobuild_changelog_entry (author_name.decode(enc)) 2014-07-29 08:43:27 UTC Václav Šmilauer Solved
Answered 217151 failure: not enough memory for compilation on amd64 2012-12-19 07:18:55 UTC Václav Šmilauer Answered
Answered 210668 Please update launchpad-buildd 2012-10-08 13:22:44 UTC Gianfranco Costamagna Answered
Solved 210663 How to debug: dh_builddeb.pkgbinarymangler returned exit code 1 2012-10-08 11:24:22 UTC Nico Schlömer Solved
Answered 199194 some builder machines never ends build update-manager - big queue on i386 now 2012-06-02 16:49:41 UTC Mantas Kriaučiūnas Answered
Answered 189477 build a project from a repo sub-directory 2012-03-02 20:38:23 UTC Iztok Jeras Answered
Solved 124688 amd64 failed to build (using ant) 2010-09-09 00:13:59 UTC Kris Jacyna Solved
Solved 78890 Stuck or incomplete build in my PPA 2009-08-02 12:56:59 UTC Andrea Piccinelli Celso Providelo Solved
Solved 50754 Is it possible to have a source package that gets the actual source from bazaar? 2008-11-09 10:27:09 UTC [redacted] Solved
Solved 42217 after uploading via dput, how can I see what happens next? 2008-08-15 04:11:08 UTC Mark Foster Solved
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