Stuck or incomplete build in my PPA

Asked by Andrea Piccinelli

I release almost daily development builds of pidgin, but I have an issue starting from 07/29/09:

All the following builds failed in i386 architecture: they got stuck just after fetching packages from the FTP server.

Get:401 http://ftpmaster.internal jaunty/main xfonts-encodings 1:1.0.2-3 [584kB]
Get:402 http://ftpmaster.internal jaunty/main xfonts-utils 1:7.4+1ubuntu1 [92.0kB]
Get:403 http://ftpmaster.internal jaunty/main x-ttcidfont-conf 32 [23.8kB]
Get:404 http://ftpmaster.internal jaunty/main xsltproc 1.1.24-2ubuntu2 [111kB]
Get:405 http://ftpmaster.internal jaunty/main xterm 241-1ubuntu1 [483kB]

Currently, seaborgium and iridium are stuck on those builds (please verify if other builders have this problem).

Another problem with the same package (on amd64 and lpia) is that it is building only some .deb packages, leaving out for example libpurple-dev and others. Everything was fine up to 27/07/09.

It doesn't seem something in the package: if you diff -nur the two debian/ dirs you won't notice any significant change.

I also have a feeling that it could be a size issue: pidgin needs many packages to be fetched to be built, maybe there is a build size limit for that?

I tried to build the package on my computer with pbuilder: everything was ok.

Could you please check this issue? Many thanks, PPA really rocks!!!

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Andrea Piccinelli
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Thanks for reporting it. Many other ppa builders are in that state right now: {{{ iridium | i386 | 3 days 03:50:22.760939 papaya | i386 | 3 days 03:20:35.562658 osmium | amd64 | 2 days 13:36:30.127991 gold | lpia | 1 day 02:56:39.571103 seaborgium | i386 | 18:57:21.019363 }}}
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Andrea Piccinelli (frasten) said :

An update about the 2nd issue: I didn't notice that the missing packages weren't amd64/lpia specific, but they have "all" as architecture.

So let's see if bug #408001 will get fixed.

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Andrea Piccinelli (frasten) said :

Does the comment at mean the buildds now include that patch, and can I build newer pidgin snapshots?

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Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) said :

Andrea, this should be fixed now as per the bug report, would you like to close this question?


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Andrea Piccinelli (frasten) said :

Sure, I forgot to close it. Thank you very much.