Installation nightmare (local dev with win/apache/mod_wsgi/python)

Asked by John Harris on 2012-10-03

I am trying to develop some web services on my local machine. I have apache installed (via xampp) and mod_wsgi. I am using Python 2.7.3 with virtualenv. I do not have much experience setting stuff up for the web so am feeling my way through this process. I have changed httpd.conf to load mod_wsgi, and to support python files by adding .py to the options line. At the moment I have installed everything and have a dir structure:

Python: C:\Python27
Apache: C:\xampp\apache
Virtualenv: C:\users\JH\python_environments\main_env
Test service: C\xampp\htdocs\ladon\myservice

The test service contains and
activate_this = 'C:\Users\JH\python_environments\main_env\Scripts\' # To account for the virtualenv
execfile(activate_this, dict(__file__=activate_this) # To account for the virtualenv

from ladon.server.wsgi import LadonWSGIApplication
from os.path import abspath,dirname

application = LadonWSGIApplication(
  catalog_name='My Ladon webservice catalog',
  catalog_desc='This is the root of my cool webservice catalog')
from ladon.ladonizer import ladonize

class Calculator(object):
  This service does the math, and serves as example for new potential Ladon users.
  def add(self,a,b):
    Add two integers together and return the result

    @param a: 1st integer
    @param b: 2nd integer
    @rtype: The result of the addition
    return a+b

I have also added the following to my httpd.conf (the error log lines didn't work so I commented them out):
<VirtualHost *:80>

        ServerName localhost
        ServerAdmin <email address hidden>

        WSGIScriptAlias /myservice/ /ladon/myservice/

        LogLevel warn

        #ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/mysite.com_error.log
        #CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/mysite.com_access.log combined


When I visit http://localhost in my web browser it goes to the xampp page (great). When I visit http://localhost/myservice/ it gives me a 403 Forbidden page. The apache error log says:

"[Wed Oct 03 13:12:34 2012] [error] [client ::1] client denied by server configuration: C:/ladon"

Why is it trying to access C:/ladon?? Where is that even configured?

Anymore details or a more complete installation walkthrough would be greatly appreciated, as it looks like a great module, I just can't get it to work!!!


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oyzzo (oyzzoforfree) said : #1

hi John Harris,

This line is wrong:
WSGIScriptAlias /myservice/ /ladon/myservice/

if your file is at C:\xampp\htdocs\ladon\myservice\

this line should look like this:

WSGIScriptAlias /myservice C:\xampp\htdocs\ladon\myservice\

I have no idea on windows, but i know here you have to put the absolute path to the file on your system so maybe it doesn't work but it's something similar.

On linux it's also needed python-docutils, check it too.

Hope you get it to work, i had a hard time figuring out everything the first time like you, but it's worth the effort, now i'm more than happy with it.

Good luck!


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