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Asked by romankrv on 2011-07-25

Hi i try your ladon and try generate wsdl file which try to use in soapUI application. This wsdl file i create code which you give in ladon documentation:

from ladon.ladonizer import ladonize

class TestService(object):
    @ladonize(unicode, rtype=unicode)
    def helloworld(self, name):
        return "Hello %(name)s" % locals()

wsdl file which i get and store in filesystem i shared to:

when i import this file to soapUI v4.0 i get error:

Error loading [file:/home/krv/Рабочий%20стол/description]
 Unexpected element: CDATA on line 1, column 1

Could you help about this problem ?


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jsgaarde (jakob-simon-gaarde) said : #1

The WSDL you pasted is 100% valid. So if soapUI cannot parse it there is something wrong with soapUI. You can easily test the wsdl by inputing the plain dpaste content (http://dpaste.com/577267/plain/) into: http://www.validwsdl.com/

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Jakob Simon-Gaarde

jsgaarde (jakob-simon-gaarde) said : #2

soapUI support was commited later on.