enabling Tickless function with Kernel realtime

Asked by Fulvio Giglio on 2011-12-12

First of all, Id like to thank FalkTX and his companions a thousand times for the excellent work they carry out to the benefit of all of us KXstudio users.

I am a rookie with linux and digital audio, (I've been a "simple" bass player for years), and I am just about starting to understand how it works.

I am using KXstudio on Ubuntu 10.04 installed fm the AMD64 netboot install CD, with kernel realtime.
 I'm still trying to configure the system as best a possible to achieve low latency and no X-runs. To this end, I launched the allquickscan script (excuse me if I use wrong terminology, I'm never really sure on what I'm talking about), It's all good except for tw things:
1) I should enable "Tickless timers" as apparently the kernel supports it but it's no enables (CONFIG-NO-HZ)
2) I should set the SOUNDCARD IRQ parameter to be the same as my soundcard's to enable further checks.

I have no idea on how to do both... I have searched all over the net but did not see anything I could understand.
Couyld you please help nme, at least in addressing me to relevant resources where I can find help?

Thanks a million

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Fulvio Giglio (giglio-bass) said :

Well, I guess I'm such a rookie that my questions don't deserve an answer... fair enough.

Thanks anyway for your excellent work.

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falkTX (falk-t-j) said :

Hey Fulvio, sorry I didn't get an email about your first post, only now.

The 2.6.33 kernel is now old, and a new realtime one is available (of 3.0).

I'll start working on it soon, for the ubuntu 12.04 release.

you should join IRC, channel #kxstudio, server irc.freenode.net (or irc.freenode.com).
Soon testing for 12.04 rt kernel will start, you're invited to join the irc channel and help.

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Fulvio Giglio (giglio-bass) said :


I'm not sure abt what an IRC channel is, I'll check it out.
as for testing... I'm using KXstudio on Lucid 10.04... I don'think I can test a kernel for 12.04 on 10.04.... besides, all I know abt kernels is that I need them so that I can run linux, and that I can install one with Syhnaptic. Testing one? I have the impression it's far beyond my knowledge...

Any chances of solving my problems (tickless timers and sound cad IRQs) with the one I'm running?

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falkTX (falk-t-j) said :

the thing is, 2.6.33 is now too old and work has been started for newer kernels, and new Ubuntu versions.

I didn't made those kernels, abogani did. Thing is, he's not interested in updating them anymore, and has even deleted them from his PPA:

the best option for you right now would be to compile your own kernel
(Check section 4 'You can manually compile the 2.6.33-rt kernel and headers.')

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Fulvio Giglio (giglio-bass) said :

Thanks FalkTX,
I'll have a look and maybe give it a try.

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