How to show kupfer list of results every time without down arrow?

Asked by Sb on 2013-10-11

Hi there,

I really like Kupfer and want to use it for my every day workflow. However, the only thing that prevents me from doing so is that I like to see a list of possible matches immediately without pressing the down arrow. Is there any way to make it show the possible matches list and then let me tab through them to select what I want?

Thanks a lot!

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Karol Będkowski
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Try this:
In file find lines:
  # exit here if it's not a special key
  if keyv not in self.keys_sensible:
   return False
  self._reset_to_toplevel = False

And add two line between if and return
  if not self.current.get_table_visible():

Should look like:
                # exit here if it's not a special key
                if keyv not in self.keys_sensible:
                        if not self.current.get_table_visible():
                        return False
                self._reset_to_toplevel = False

Sb (sb56637) said : #2

Wow! Thank you VERY MUCH for the fast tweak. That's exactly what I wanted. Works beautifully.

Is there any way to change the key to move down in the matches list to TAB and move up with the ` (grave) key?

There is no simple solution.
Take a look on Interface class in __init__ - where is list of used keys and _entry_key_press method for mapping. Maybe simple add mapping for this keys help.
But I don't guarantee success..

Sb (sb56637) said : #4

Thanks again, I'll take a look at the code.

Can I bother you with one more question? Is there a way to make it show what is being typed? I found what I believe is called "text mode" where it shows a nice text field to type, but for some reason it doesn't return any results. I would prefer to see what I type in a text field and for it to not reset if I delay a bit in typing.

Thanks for your patience!

In "normal" mode after each key press Kupfer try to find all matching objects in catalog. So entering F R X should find all objects containing this three letters (for example FiRefoX) .For each objects we have some actions to perform, like "run".

So this mode allow only to look for objects in catalog.

In "text" mode you can enter any text and Kupfer try to guess what do you mean. For example if you enter name of executable file Kupfer should detect it and allow to run it. We also some command for "text objects" (like "Search in Goolge") that can be run for any entered text.

Sb (sb56637) said : #6

Thanks a lot Karol for the explanation! I really appreciate it.

Sb (sb56637) said : #7

Thanks Karol Będkowski, that solved my question.