How to check whether you have two installation of Krita in your system

Created by Dmitry Kazakov on on 2014-07-30

It you end up with having two simultaneous installation of Krita in the same $PATH, you will see really weird and difficult to debug bugs and crashes, so be really careful not to allow this. Such situation may happen if you install Krita with any two methods at the same time:

1) Built Krita from source using David's manual:

2) Installed from Krita Lime

3) Installed from distribution packages

How to check if you have two simultaneous installations?

1) Remove all the packages containing '*krita*' and '*calligra*' in their names.
2) If you ever built Krita manually, rename/delete the installation directory. If you used David's manual, the path is "$HOME/kde4/inst"
3) Check whether you don't have anything related to Krita left.
4) Install Krita form Krita Lime.

If you still see a problem, create a log of the files used by Krita using the command (please note back quotes):

lsof -p `pidof krita`

and send this log to us.