Chat-history in Kopete

Asked by 4ralph7 on 2007-10-27

Chat-history in Kopete???
Does it exist or do I have to save every single chat?!

[Actually Kopete 0.12.7 below "KDE 3.5.8 embedded in XFCE4 on Ubuntu 7.10"]

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4ralph7 (r5-behnke) said : #1

Read the help file. The chat section didn't say anything about a history function

4ralph7 (r5-behnke) said : #2

... gnngngnn rzrzrzrz
SORRY I have to answer myself: Y E S there IS a history in Kopete

banan (marek-tesar) said : #3

the option is in : options -> option moduls -> history

PanzerOceania (numonohi-boi) said : #4

where is "options"?

4ralph7 (r5-behnke) said : #5

 .... hum ... I couldn't find "Options" too, but talking of "history", I can tell you, where to find it
... and maybe that's a clue where to look in Kopete to find something - also have a look for "properties".

All about history:

In Kopete choose menu "Settings"

In menu "Settings" choose "Configure plugins..."

In the new window you can now choose/select "History"
to appear (or not to) and the # of lines of history.

That's it!

4ralph7 (r5-behnke) said : #6

and now the DEFNINTE and SPECIFIC answer to my own question:

IN the chat-window there are BACK- and FORWARD-buttons (left and right arrows).
They are place almost in the middle of the icon bar (usually the ONLY bar).

SIMPLY use them and you'll certainly know that there IS a chat history in Kopete
and you are able to have a look at chats that has been days or even weeks ago !!!

Thank you, Kopete and everyone who programmed it.