How does Kolibri compare to other frameworks?

Created by Anders Steinlein on on 2008-11-30
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Kolibri most closely resembles a heavily simplified Apache Struts, fused with some ideas from other frameworks such as Django or Rails. Kolibri values flexibility with sane defaults over forced convention, simplicity over complexity, loose coupling over forced inheritance. Simply put: Kolibri promotes freedom.

Actions are, by default, single classes with doGet() and doPost() methods, mapped to pretty URLs using directory/file matching. The framework can be customized per-URI using plug-in interceptor classes, adding functionality such as validation and authentication to actions as required. Models are plain old PHP objects, so you are free to use inheritance to your pleasing. Kolibri doesn't ship with a ORM, but instead cleanly separates SQL from code and elegantly creates objects in a correctly nested structure from the results. Views are another point of freedom for Kolibri users, as you may use whatever view technology you prefer, whether it is XSL, Smarty, plain PHP files or something else.