How do I file a bug report?

Asked by Wayne Stambaugh on 2010-05-05

I think I found a bug. What information should I include in my bug report to give as much helpful information to developers as possible?

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Simply explain the bug!
Why do you think it is a bug?
Is this a crash?
Is this an unwhished behaviour?
Give steps how to reproduce it.

And if your bug description is incomplete, developers will ask you for more informations.

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Filing high quality bug reports is important to help the Kicad developers fix any bugs and improve the quality of Kicad. Good bug reports allow developers to quickly find and resolve bugs and saving developer time which is a scarce resource. Bug reports should only contain one problem. The Launchpad bug status reporting only allows for a single status condition per bug report. Submitting a good bug report requires you to do some information gathering before submitting your bug.

In which Kicad application did the problem occur? Kicad is made up of several individual programs. If you are not sure which program you are using, open the about dialog. The application name is in the title bar of the about dialog.

Which version of Kicad are you using? This is critical. There is nothing worse wasting developers time looking for a bug that has already been fixed only to find out that the version of Kicad you are using is two stable releases old. The build information can also be found in the about dialog. Please include the full version information, for example "(2010-04-19 BZR 2350)-unstable".

What platform is Kicad being run on? The operating system and version information, for example Ubuntu 10.4, Debian Squeeze, Windows XP, OSX, etc.

What version of wxWidgets was used to build Kicad. You can find this information in the about dialog. Please include the full description, for example wxWidgets 2.8.10 Unicode.

If you are building Kicad from source, it is often helpful to know which tools you are using. Some examples are GCC 4.4.2, Visual Studio 2005, GCC 3.4.5 on MinGW, CMake 2.6.3, etc. Also any custom compiler, linker, and CMake settings may be helpful.

If you can reliably repeat the problem, please include the steps that cause it. If the problem occurs with a specific file or library, please attach it to your bug report if possible.

OK. Now with all your information in hand head on over the the Kicad bug tacker at the link below and submit you bug.

You can track the status of your bug by following the instructions below.

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