dependency handling, cache sharing?

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does Keryx actually deal with package lists and dependencies etc. itself, under the hood?

Because, there is a nice way to have the regular apt tools take care of everything needed for offline updates.
Basicly, its about setting the apt tools to use the right config and cache files.
There is documentation and a proof of concept shellscript available at:
Maybe you Keryx devs are aware of those apt features, even though they are not very known generally. They can greatly simplify offline updates and making nice gui solutions.

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Chris Oliver (excid3) said :

Hey ceg,

Keryx pretty much recreates the logic inside APT in Python. It's primarily just dependency handling. The reason I never used AptMedium or any of the other projects out there was because I needed something to run on Windows so I could download packages from school and work. We weren't allowed to boot into a LiveCD either.

It would make development a lot simpler, but unfortunately we've had to recreate most of the logic by hand.

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ceg (ceg) said :

Hi Chris!
Exactly, it was at a school where i had used apt-medium, with a windows batch file and a wget binary to download packages. Different from all other projects, since the package lists are computed by apt itself, and the sript only lets them be saved on the USB device, there was never a package error caused with this technique.
There's a short doc on the technique at , have fun exploring and playing with this idea! (And less work maintaining apt logic of course.)

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Chris Oliver (excid3) said :

If I remember correctly, that doesn't allow you to get updates does it? I also wanted to be able to explore everything that was available and change my mind on things when I got to the online computer. Hopefully once school is out I'll have time to check it out and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the links!

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ceg (ceg) said :

I think updates worked by downloading the package lists. Being able to compute dependencies at the online machine of course required to have apt available at the that computer, or you put apt binaries for any required arch on the USB drive. Have a good one!

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mahes s (mhselr) said :

Is this a concept or can i this in practice because this will be very helpful..

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ceg (ceg) said :

or apt-get install apt-offline

or Keryx