Convert .mux to something readable (generated when kazam won't finish saving)

Asked by bert on 2013-01-04

Hello friends,

I recorded a video in my computer (Ubuntu 12.10) that cannot be recorded again. Kazam was not able to save it to mp4, but it left a .mux file. I tried playing the .mux with mplayer and xine, and I know that at least the sound is there and working!

maybe it's some sort of raw format (which by the way my players are not able to reproduce either). Anyway I run a channel and I need to upload this video by the end of the week.

I know it takes time to repair the bug so I am really asking for is a conversor! Something to fix the broken output, I know the information is there, it's just not readable. I need to edit it with kdenlive, so anything that works with it is fine for me.

Please consider! Thanks


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Jan Stevens (janstevens007) said : #1

Please I recorded a one time event and then my computer shutdown, how can we convert the mux and movie file to an mp4?

Please help!

David Klasinc (bigwhale) said : #2

.mux file is output from gstreamer, more precise from x264 encoder. Right now, I am not sure if it can be turned into a valid video file. I'll have to ask around on GStreamer mailing lists.

Judex (matt-lee90) said : #3

I ran into the same issue. I recorded a screen cast and then my computer over heated and crashed..... Now I have two files one a .movie and the other a .movie.mux.

I even tried to start a new session, pause it, delete the new files and rename the ones I am trying to recover to the new names. It combines them, but not correctly, so it won't play.

alextoind (alextoind) said : #4

Same problem here...
Is there something news?

Same here, I recorded a mp4 - no sound, I pressed ''finish'' and closed Kazam normally. Found a .movie and a .mux file instead of the mp4.

I am running the Kazam version 1.4.3 on kubuntu 13.10

After some research I found a way to retrieve the corrupted video data - at least partly.
However, this solution requires Windows or Mac:!

Link to the software:

Some notes:
- I was able to do the trick by renaming my *.mux file to *.mp4
- My original recordings did not have any sound, I wanted to retrieve only video information.

I hope this helps a bit until a proper solution is found.

Cass (csaggin4u) said : #7

I see there hasn't been any update on this bug/program flaw.

Can one of the devs chime in on this if there is a native way to recover these .mux & .movie files by re-running kazam via terminal commands?


Dee Benbow (denben1) said : #8

I am having this problem routinely. Is there any update on this or some fix available?

ZephaniahNoah (zephaniahnoah) said : #9

I'm having the same problem when there isn't any more space on my drive. Is there a way to fix the file?

Tim Ritberg (xpert-reactos) said : #10

Me too.

rene (isradgo) said : #11

I need for recover my homework please

Tim Ritberg (xpert-reactos) said : #12

Maybe someone take the code, that save the mux in kazam to mp3 into a single script?

Also having this problem

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